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    1. Welcome to Hubei Danjiangkou Kaitai Hormone Co., Ltd.!

      Technological Development

      R & D team

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      There is an experienced and skilled research and development team in our company, and they have the good abilities on the development of new product and research of new technology. Among them, 42 (accounting for 38% of total employees) have college education; 16 (accounting for 39% of total employees) are technicians for research and development, including 6 doctors and 10 bachelors; 3 are senior engineers, 13 have medium technical titles, 6 have more than ten years' experiences on the research and development of steroid hormone, and eight were awarded "Second prize of Hubei Province for the Progress of Science and Technology".

      We are not only focusing on the training and establishment of research teams of our company, but also focusing on the using of external force; we carry out scientific and technological cooperation and research with famous universities and research institutes, and establish long-term and stable technical collaboration and industry, academia, research joint relationships with them. Up to now, we have made cooperation with Wuhan Engineering University, Hubei Province Chemical Industry Productivity Promotion Center, Hubei Province Chemical Industry Research Institute successfully, and established exchange and cooperative relationships with Tianjin Tianyao Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Xianju Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. , all of them are the important forces in the Steroid hormone industry of China. At the same time, we also hire well-known experts and scholars in the fields of hormone, bio-medicine and chemical industry as technical advisers to assist our company to solve technological breakthroughs, develop new products, and become the foreign intellectual supports of us for technological innovations.

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